The Solution of Mining

The vision of DriveMining & EnviDa is to enable energy-efficient and easily accessible mining that prevents monopolization and centralization, through a new generation of different mining rigs that can be installed in electric and semi-electric vehicles, as well as operating from home. The DriveMiner model is also designed to act as an loT-Device (Internet of the Things) for collecting simultaneously environmental data from multiple instances. The captured off-chain data will be stored and transferred in real-time by using a tamperproof oracle network service, for storing that synchronous onchain in our EnviDa Blockchain. The EnviDa proiect has diverse application scenarios and potential target groups. The DriveMiner particularly targets B2B companies, such as providers of transportation services (logistic, taxi companies, etc.), by allowing them to generate passive income without the need for any additional infrastructure investments that are otherwise required in building mining farms. What is more, with the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and of electric vehicles, this target group could potentially expand to larger transportation companies (railway, public transport, and many others). The aspect of environmental tracking further adds multiple other stakeholder groups in the B2B segment that further increases the potential of the DriveMiner. In cryptocurrency mining, anyone looking to make a profit from mining cryptocurrencies must work to maximize their hash rate, while minimizing power draw. The EDAT token, underpinning the ecosystem. utilizes a PoW mode of operation and can be mined exclusively with our DriveMiner. The EDAT token is the essence of the EnviDa Ecosystem. The Token Launch of EDAT will be based on the Polygon Chain. During the progress of this project we will create our own blockchain, where all miners secure the collected environmental Data and its transactions. According to 'ProofofWork" Mining, they will earn EnviDa-Token as a reward, identical to the Bitcoin model. The full supply is thus not minted - only the initial supply of 25% is created at the beginning, where 8% will be sold in the ICO with the purpose of financing the hardware and operations of the EnviDa ecosystem. 75 % of the total token amount will be allocated to the miners through a proof of work mechanism on our blockchain. We create an ecosystem that will be a symbiosis between two industries: tamper-proof environmental monitoring and tracking and resource-efficient cryptocurrency mining - both of which are reinforcing each other's potential. The decentralized ecosystem is powered by a large community of mobile miners - 7 self-empowering network that delivers more value to all participants with more miners joining it. Another advantage of globally decentralized mobile miners is that accidents, fires, technical defects, and any other disasters do not put the whole investment in jeopardy, unlike traditional mining farms. Any loss of data or technical damage only affects individual devices and thus has no significant impact on the profitability of the investors and the operations of the project

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