Understanding the EnviDa Blockchain

The EnviDa project has set itself the task of creating a decentralized solution for the collection of sensitive, future-relevant environmental data. By integrating different sensors into our mobile, multifunctional crypto miners, we have designed a unique concept that is able to collect environmental data independently and tamper-proof worldwide.

EnviDa is a unique project that creates a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem for the future collection of relevant environmental data. Based on our patented DriveMining technology, passenger transport or transportation companies worldwide become mobile data collectors by generating additional passive income through cryptocurrency mining while feeding data from various measurement systems into our network.

Advantages of EnviDa


All DriveMiners operate independently of each other. . As the number of miners increases, the statistical security of the measured values increases, so that the failure of individual units does not affect the entire data network.


Cabs, delivery services or vans are on the road every day in all major cities around the world, driving through even remote areas. Stationary measuring stations, on the other hand, are only set up at individual, selected locations.

Cannot be Manipulated

Once the collected data has been verified in the blockchain, it can no longer be manipulated retrospectively

Data Tracking

Different types of sensors can be connected via multiple interfaces depending on the region, relevance and area of interest.

With the adoption of DriveMiner in different geographical locations and by both national and transnational transportation companies, we can get access to a constant flow of information.

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