EnviDa Protocol

API Recipes

Once you have the API up and running, these are the calls you can perform to interact with the EnviDA node.
Open API and SDK
Our ultimate goal is to provide an essential open API and SDK from a high-level perspective with the above tools, fully powering NFT use cases in private economies on Polkadot. The functionality can be utilized via Open API and SDK. This will be released to combine all components.
The benefits of an open API are beyond criticism. We hope to build a framework whereby a plethora of diverse features can find expression, value, and explosive operationalization in the Polkadot ecosystem.
The SDK will be both an extension of the builders’ capabilities and an extension of the value proposition of the Polkadot universe as a whole. If successful, this sort of solution brings more reliability and robustness to theentire network, as OCWs will be more than the external reference, they will become the enablers of a validated on-chain repository of trusted information for the entire Polkadot network.

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Hasura - Unified API Engine

API Features

  • Blazing fast API performance, accessible data modelling
  • Aggregates API for all micro-services and enterprise components
  • Intuitive REST and GraphQL interface for internal and external developers
  • Horizontal scalability
API Features
Create and Manage Assets
Issue your unique assets in the form of unique (non-fungible) tokens on the blockchain - in minutes with a simple API interface. SugarFunge API uses the widely adopted Substrate Smart Contracts and ERC721 token standard through Ethereum bridge which can be used for a broad range of use cases and applications.
Decentralized at its core
The SugarFunge API is the first fully decentralized web service built on top of the existing SugarFunge open-source infrastructure, which wraps SugarCubes functionalities in a common API interface. The goal was to build a familiar API service without compromising the core value of blockchain and decentralization.
Atomic Operations
Many-to-many atomic operations are the cornerstone of the SugarFunge API. An atomic operation is a set of instructions for what you will execute in a single transaction and with only two possible results. Either the transaction will succeed, and all participants will receive their assets, or the transaction will fail, and the operation will return to its starting point.
Set User Abilities
Assign different access and management rights to users or team members and add flexibility to the creation and control of your blockchain-based assets.
Cut Down on Development Cost
The SugarFunge API was built for fast adoption. Instead of dedicating large resources, extended periods of development time and extensive security audits, you can start building on day one. The entire SugarFunge infrastructure was audited and allows you to deploy decentralized applications within minutes.