Competition and Arrival

If you ain't first, then you're last.


Competition refers to the arrival order of a hex. The first Data Collecting machine to enter and generate information from a hex wins the Stream Payment. The second Data Collecting Machine that arrives to the hex will earn 1/10 of the previous reward. This will go on depending on the number of Data Collecting Machines that arrive in the hex during the same stream. Note: Arrival order applies only to same Data Collecting Machine type.

After 1 stream (10 minutes), all hexes restart. When a hex restarts and 2 or more Data Collecting Machines (of the same type) are in the same hex, the order will be determined by the last hierarchical arrival order.

Formula, Table & Graph

New Considerations

Daily Token Unlock: 19,393.94 Reward per Stream: 0.0897867564

New Streams per Day

Streams without competition (demand): 240,000 Streams with competition (supply): 216,000 24,000 less streams Percentage decrease: 10% (due to competition implementation)

New Data Collecting Machine amount

If every Data Collecting Machine continue to work for 48 streams, then the supply will decease.

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