Stream Payment - Sensors


Data Collecting Machines work by streams. Every stream collects information for 10 minutes, meaning that in 1 hour there is a total of 6 streams made. Afterwards, 6 streams make 1 complete Block that is later processed for validation (via DriveMing and Validators).


Stream Payments depend on the total number of active data collecting machines. In this first instance, we're going to analyze Sensors with the previous distribution.


Daily Token Unlock (sensors): 19,393.94 Number of Sensors: 5,000

In 1 day, a Data Collecting Machine should work for 8 hours (creating 8 complete blocks). That means that in 1 hour, Sensors earn 0.48 EDAT = 3.88 / 8 = 0.48 Nonetheless, 1 block is composed of 6 streams. The Sensor Reward per Stream is 0.08 EDAT = 0.48 / 6 = 0.08

Available Sensor Streams

If the Stream Payment for Sensors is 0.08 EDAT, then the total sensor streams that can be done in 1 day is 240,000.

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