Technical Architecture


Postgres Database Cluster

  • Supported by most cloud providers, SLA of 99.95% availability

  • Single source of truth for business intelligence

  • Manages data for all micro-services and enterprise components

Modular Upgradability

Early computer games were shipped on printed circuit boards known as cartridges. These cartridges were expensive and time consuming to make as the code was etched onto the chips, leaving no room for error. These days weโ€™re used to our apps, games and browsers updating frequently, even automatically. Developers fix bugs before they can cause problems, and new features are added as better solutions become available. Like all software, blockchains need upgrades in order to stay relevant. However, itโ€™s far more difficult to upgrade a blockchain than an app, game, or browser. Upgrading conventional blockchains requires forking the network, often taking months of work, and particularly contentious hard forks can break apart a community. Polkadot revolutionizes this process, enabling blockchains to upgrade themselves without the need to fork the chain. These forkless upgrades are enacted through Polkadotโ€™s transparent on-chain governance system. With this feature, Polkadot enables projects to stay agile, adapting and evolving with the pace of technology. It also significantly reduces the risk associated with contentious hard forksโ€”a severe barrier to entry for many organizations.

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