Cross-Chain Compatibility

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Polkadot combines a network of heterogeneous blockchains that are connected and secured by Polkadot relay chains. They can also connect with external networks via bridges.

Polkadot gains the characteristics and ability to control its own governance. Parallel transaction processing capabilities of Polkadot, enhances the scalability of the system The parallel transactions can be spread out across the chains that perform multiple transactions at the same time.

Early blockchains were like walled gardens closed off to other networks. But as the number of chains for specific use cases continues to rise, so does the need for cross-chain communication and interoperability. Polkadot’s cross-chain composability and message passing allows shards to communicate, exchange value, and share functionality, opening the door to a new wave of innovation.

Thanks to Polkadot’s ability to bridge blockchains, Polkadot shards will also be able to interact with popular decentralized finance protocols and crypto assets on external networks like Ethereum.

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