EnviDa Dex Engine

  • Blockchain exchange logic

  • Fungible and non-fungible digital assets

  • Crypto wallets

  • Decentralized orderbook

  • On-Chain market making bots

  • Bridges to liquidity markets

  • White label deployable

  • Orderbook and Trade Execution

Because the resources available to a blockchain are limited, it’s important to manage how blocks consume them. The resources that need to be managed include:

  • Memory usage

  • Storage input and output

  • Computation

  • Transaction and block size

  • State database size

Substrate provides block authors with several ways to manage access to resources and to prevent individual components of the chain from consuming too much of any single resource. Two of the most important mechanisms available to block authors are weights and transaction fees.

Weights are used to manage the time it takes to validate a block. In general, weights are used to characterize the time it takes to execute the extrinsic calls in the body of a block. By controlling the execution time that a block can consume, weights set limits on storage input and output and computation.

Transaction fees are a key component of making the blockchain economically sustainable and are typically applied to transactions initiated by users and deducted before a transaction request is executed.

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